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AFR heads NOW AVAILABLE at CarsByCarl.

-The new standard in 429/460 performance
-Up to 427 / 284 cfm of flow (in/ex)
-Fully CNC ported out of the box
-Dyno proven 80HP over SCJ's
-Adjustable guide plates
-Spring packages for flat tappets and rollers
-Choice of 75cc and 85cc chambers
-Choice of 270cc, 285cc, and 300cc port volumes
-Choice of standard or raised exhaust port
-Intakes, gaskets, and other accessories also available
-Complete heads starting at $2099.95 a pair
-Matching Diamond Racing pistons also available, starting at $799.95
-Complete top end kits, starting at $2799.95


Lightweight 460 dome pistons: $849.95

These pistons include the following features:
-Available in +.030, +.040, +.060, +.080
-Valve reliefs for OEM valve angles
-Dome does not interfere with flame front
-Dome to fit all factory wedge heads and several aftermarkets.
-Forged 2618 Alloy for high output applications 
-1.77 Compression height 
-10cc dome
-1.040 Diameter Premium wrist pins included
-Dual Spirolox wrist pin retainers
-5/64, 5/64, 3/16 ring pack
---- 1/16-1/16-3/16 ring grooves add $50.00
-Wrist pin does NOT intersect oil ring
-Maxi-Lite Internal milling for light weight consistent crown thickness.
-687 grams @ 4.440 bore
-No sharp edges on dome top, all edges radiused.
-Made in the USA!

Approximate compression ratios:

3.85 Stroke / 95cc heads = ~11:1

3.85 Stroke / 75cc heads = ~14:1


Prices and availability subject to change without notice.  Although we try to assure accuracy, CarsByCarl, inc. cannot be responsible for typographical or photo error on our web site.  CarsByCarl inc. reserves the right to apply a fifteen percent restocking fee to any refund, return or exchange.
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